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Golf Specific Musculoskeletal Screening

The goal of the screening is to objectively identify physical weaknesses that may be affecting your game (i.e. posture, flexibility). The screening starts with a simple health and activity questionnaire, and also questions related to your game including; practise, your strengths and weaknesses, and areas of your game that need attention. The screening then focuses on your physical abilities including golf-specific; flexibility, balance and stability, strength and endurance.


Golf Swing Analysis and Simulator Skills Testing

The clinic has a full indoor hitting simulator which is used as part of the screening to objectively measure changes in golf performance. The simulator reports clubhead speed, ball velocity, carry and total distance, as well as shot variability (or spread). This is performed for your short to long game to assess the effectiveness of your physical conditioning programme not only on your physical improvements, but also your game. Slow-motion digital video is used to record your swing throughout the simulator testing, to identify swing faults caused by physical weaknesses.


Golf Specific Conditioning and Rehabilitation

Following the screening, a physical conditioning programme is prescribed based on the physical weaknesses that are detrimental to your game. These personalised programmes are fully supervised and utilise the fully equipped strength and conditioning area within the clinic. It is well known that physical improvements transfer into game improvements, and many clients who have come through the clinic have benefitted.


Medicare and Private Health Rebates

Medicare rebates may be available from a referral to the clinic from your GP. Exercise Physiologists are Allied Health Professionals, and referrals in which using physical activity for chronic disease management are claimable through Medicare. Most private health insurers allow for claimable Exercise Physiology services. Please check with your insurer for claims under Exercise Physiology. 

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